What Are Some of the Investments Mel Gibson Has Made?

Mel Gibson is an actor, film director, and producer who has built a successful career in Hollywood theviralnewj. As a result of his success, Gibson has accumulated a substantial fortune and is now an investor too. Some of the investments he has made include real estate, the restaurant chain The Chicken & Waffles, the winery Costa di Bussia, and a stake in the Australian office furniture company Orangebox mhtspace. Gibson has also invested in a number of tech start-ups, including the mobile gaming company Skillz and the e-commerce company Jet.com Net Worth. He has also invested in the artificial intelligence company AISight, the smart home company Latch, and the biometric security company Daon. In addition, he has made investments in a variety of entertainment companies historyglow, such as the streaming platform Fandor and the media company Cinetic Rights Management techybio. Gibson has also invested in the private equity firm Falconwood Capital, which focuses on investing in small and mid-cap companies Bio Data. He also has a stake in the venture capital firm Rubicon Technology Partners, which focuses on early-stage investments in the technology sector. Lastly, Gibson is a founding partner of the venture capital firm Gibson Ventures overallnetworth, which focuses on investments in the media and entertainment sector.

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